Je ne vous voulez

uncertain of how I arrived on this planet of ----blank
you start reminding me of all my past: memories.
i start to pick,and prowl,the sediment
I only want you,I only want you, near

near midnight
into a piece of plastic
we gather.
a landline and a box of plans
to have you -hear
even through a
a scratchy telephone wire.

it keeps this together
it knits you next to me

by night,by night
our ears,swimming
in songs of romance
an idealistic fight.

All morning you are thinking :why do I not

cross these boundaries
and in the middle of the day I am waiting
for our moon to come out
so our eyes can see,the same beams?

I look down at these streams,these city puddles and ask myself:
how does love begin and end in vain?
a miracle 
a mistake
he gives he gives and he takes away.


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