gold and silver

i found a recording

a token, a cry in the night,a plea for me to stay
I was leaving,you were begging me to hold on to something
that I couldn't see,that you could feel
a hand, a whisper, a reach in the night

5 years

A thousand broken hearts later
and your love was the one that

the purest
the truest
the one that came and left

a silver ring
and a memory with unopened wings

the empty womb of an
unfulfilled possibility
the stale memory
is the coldest cavern of all.

I should of seen this
I should of been at that front door
not across the ocean wanting you more.

Is it ever wrong to mourn the loss?
Of som e thing--
that was never even there!
 it was simply lost
a piece of the puzzle floating,
wave by wave
 it is tossed along the shores of