You are not making sense-It was only a quarter (which is 25 CENTS)

Hello,I am not crying
the sky was just raining melty crystals
allll day

cocooned within a warm heirloom.

You had on:
pales-mostly blue,
a heavy knit with a
crew neck or something with a swoop--
a hole that added character: by your neck.

You were holding on to my finger as
was placing
wash in the hamper.

You could only sigh as:
you tried to remind me of
laundry mats.

--just about the most romantic of all places! 

I was:
Spin cycles increasing
there-spin time
folding my---
dryness level is-upping its anti.

You are neurotic of my subconscious
only on-laundry day.

I am not straying I am just:

borrowing quarters from olive skinned men
& forgetting my change purse
once again.