• sweet tea
  • suite 404
  • sweet ole southern boys
  • cranberry's on your knee cap's
  • the emergency that no one believed
  • profiles
  • nose slopes
  • bathroom stall
  • that girl over there with the empty eyes (don't look now)
  • the stranger filling up the aisle seat
  • the captain with the chip on his shoulder
  • the wailing wall of your room
  • the bridge that leads to everywhere
  • the 40000 roads less traveled
  • the one you thought that got away that you married
  • the throwing
  • the reaping
  • the sowing.


Gracie Persson said...

Love it

Libby Broocks said...

"the one that you thought got away that you married"

i mean, is this the most profound thing you've ever thought of?

this is rull good.
im obsessed