please meet your daughter on aisle three

I felt my head spin into something-
It felt

ooh It felt...
I felt .

 lightweight : a substance thinner than the
clearest of air.

What's to come of these webs that have tangled themselves 
into the messiest of knots? 

I pull them up 
into a ballerina bun-
& top it off with a lilac ribbon around that
circular knot.

When I recall the first time I ever cried
'twas not the womb that sparks it
just a simple sense of-loss (T)

from mall parking lots
JFK airport
the Texas state fair of 89'

oh, and that nature trail -you know? the moment when
left me behind.

skip to the part where I am
no longer fearful
of ghosts
or bee stings
or confusing things.

Pause that part in the film...yes..right here

where my hands are busy mending
300 pieces of broken glass
that belongs to my bathroom mirror

it all just happens so fast!