my tendencies have morphed into more of a problem rather than something that is endearing or perhaps sets me apart in midst of this delicate universe. When I first met you,Oswald....there was a void in my general "well being" the psychiatrics of my attraction towards sharp things. I was lacking,you were:not. I have once loved the i d e a  of  a boy (one quite specific) so much that my heart felt as if it was going to explode each time a mention of him would take place,each time he would -float:away to a strange country  a w a y from my: soft heart. It was so effortless for you. With your round billowy eyes of clouds filled with all sorts of cancerous pollution trapped inside. Waste & Waisted. I have to keep inquiring to g-d : for ones face to be so kind, it really possible for ones tendencies to be without? On the reason for my blank: ...
I am just about the jumbleiest person at this present slot of time.

connecting flights to one way miracles and smelly new towns.
and we want
know -     why?
your screaming at the airline asking
are there no longer any red eye
flights leaving from the east?

I fell for a boy once with crooked teethe.
I used to fall in love with just about everything!