i hold on.

you once wrote me a letter describing to me
why my eyes are the saddest you've ever seen(painted)
was not my own soul that made this:
it was all of it, it was everything!
luggage and languges
lonliness,left behind
my head was sick
it would not stop sneezing.

to see the eyes of a lover.
when hes happy.
and hes forgotten.and he goes.
the very root of my tree was moaning.

the new sound of it is : slow,particularly classical;slightly-sad.

each evening its the end of times: you sow and sew
I apologized for my forgien language
speaking in tongues
pacing pacing pacing
’twasn’t love. it was pity that dissolved me
hair and skin and my moods that enticed everything
time was never a moment.it was a countdown that I was loosing.
my heart your heart the urgency was drowning itself in the
community pool
I kept pacing and ripping off my cardigan
throwing it where it belongs...in ashes next to your
do I regret it?: no! I've never felt so old

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