i have never been interested in starting a stamp collection.

There are many pictures in my memory I wish I  would of collected
on a sheet that is glossy into a frame over a fire 
I would glance at those mem-ories on sad days
and remind myself i've seen so much more-to be this blank.

my soul woke me up this morning
and placed new waves of brain
jolts. inside my inner
solar gravity.

I have been leaping and leaping over everything.
There is a postman,
knocking down my door
I invite him in for a conversation involving his great grandson
and the way his wife makes him eat three waffles before he leaves
for his morning runs.
We stood by the fire place
as I directed my eyes towards those empty frames
he complimented my photographs and said
"what nice memories!'

I showed him the door. It was almost 11 am and my soul was dehydrated,once again.

Our brain has the capacity to store 12,345 images per year. Our mantel will hold 6,comfortably.