creeping as ivy

When you dissect a home that's bricks are even lonely
you discover new corners not only  found in the hallways of
a structure
but the corners of yourself.

doors slam
footsteps- step
its raining tonight
and the ceiling is leaking.

you gather brass pots
all size pots!
you line them up
the cracks in the loggia
that are spewing out
the secrets of a mother (nature)
when she wants to god she will weep.

dinner lacks substance
and your sippingg that same old broth

your garden is weedy
and your doorknobs are collecting dust.

I compare all this to the condition of
our universe

when it shifts
we shift

when it decides to rest.
we rest.

wherever you are planted
there you must bloom.

the ivy is climbing up the side
of this broken down house

I was idle
it was busy

covering a multitude of sins
and discolored bricks.

the finale of your solar energy parade-is
sneaking up as a christmas holiday
creeping as ivy.

just around the corner you find us
sitting indian style
sippin' tea from those brass pots

while you ask me why the world map
looks so flat!