only when you speak with such uncertainties

they thought it queer i didn't rise
i thought a lie would be queerer


the atmosphere of our beings should never be tortured the way we intend to each evening 

      interesting enough you will read this i will read this and forgot the point of the matter.

your inner being sounds like a harps accord caught up in a rain storm,you swear it sounds like pretty lavender violin strings.
 your abbreviated neurosis. 
your neurosis that lends her hand in your goal of over analyzation 
time and time again.

don't you remember when z told you to hush 
refrain from being so boisterous

the blood of each humans hurt
damaged ego
lays heavy upon your sleeve
of injustice
because that one summer when I was in that speaking accident...

as if you were taking a tally!
of all the wrong that adds up to
solitary with a vengeance

and you blame hamlet 
for making you 
this way.

if you speak with your tendencies
or to a transparent revelation
or to an unknowing heart
speak slowly and avoid sounding 

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