spiders stuck on string

you became a panda
babies love chocolate milk
and hollowed out custard jars
I wait for a dream
of alienation that is persistent
in not being.

i was choosing luna-moon
a lavender string that slips up
and wraps around your neck
full embrace
pulling you back in.

each time you walk away
from the very thing
that has fed you
every time....

you bring it apoun yourself
that is

The price for uncovering mystery is innocence

night and day night and day.

one minute your closing your eyes emphasizing on the best part of the story';then your dealin with that gun to your head.

sure I can understand why your late
but lets not forget egg nogs feelings

and oh dear

what about jane.

i began to transcend in to my alter being.

i felt surreal for a moment

then oswald turned on the cd player

musical notes always interfere
with reality.

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