pullin' petals off of trees

when I began to grow my garden
during some time in the 1800s
which is a frame of mind,ofcourse
I planet a few wool sweaters
beneath my viola colored shed
Dug up some flower bones
and removed all the trousers
that were taking up much neaded
galatic space.

your touches they grow into weeds
grabbin hold of me

when you set fire to our teepee in the south of claxton
I remeber standing there in something deliate and white
I rememer the wind and the way it enterd my nose so smoothley
intoxicating my senses with its crisp and eery tendencies
with its newborn purity
with my heart shaped lips slowly opening
and realasing what was once something fresh
back into the world as something that is now 1 second old.

I kept feeling sorry for all of that used to be air
does it miss my lungs
and my body
and my brain
the way a solider might long for his wife?

with a home in ashes
blowing in the wind
all the way past my universe
into some sort of new falacy

we found rest underneath the stars of orion
curled up with my feet tucked underneath your chin

you kept holding on to my gold bracelt
which was a gift.

at some point in the night I woke up to see the wind staring at me
then reaching her hand out and cuping my face

i tried to breathe her in
however she was distant
and so fluid
just like a river of used up chances
and a dive bar housing one hundred hasbeens.

my eyes closed
I fell back to sleep
Enterd a world filled with
heart cells and neorns
plastic tabels and wooden teethe

the background music was a combinatin of two things

the sound your heart makes when you know you chose the wrong one
the sound the ocean makes just after a ship has sunk
and the pirates rejoice that they've finally won.

both conquering
exiliharating sounds

equally tragic
either way someone will drown.

When I awoke my white gown was turned upside down
peering into the lake to catch a glimpse of my reflection

all my curls were knocked out of place
and my lips began to weep
perhaps they wanted to join there friends within the stream.

my teepee was now ashes
the man was still asleep

so with a tablespoon of bravery and 2 cups of ambiton
I stiched my gown back to place
just like preforming open heart surgery
commanded my feet toawrds the nearest galaxy
that would be more than happy to house me
and all of these tendencies

i didnt look back
i didnt even weep