the volume of ocean lying below 300 fathoms from surface is called the abyss

throughout the seasons of my life
the seasons that were the darkest
scariest saddest and foggiest
have all brought forth
the loveliest of fruit.

From the corner of my mind
my deepest most heartbreaking thoughts
all the way towards the center
of the brain

through pumps of blood
and the battle of Right vs. left brain
right vs. wrong
right vs. left

a constant of truth has remained.

remember when I kept waking up inside of the same storm?
just like the scene from the bible
no peace in sight
just waves of anger and rain and relentless fright.

I woke from my slumber searching for the king
my eyes were leaking
my stomach was turning green
my heart was anxious
where was he?

my aneometer was at i'ts peak
the anchor detail have all jumped aloft
and I was left alone
standing there in the dark

All this time im on the boat I was searching
I looked abrest
and I looked behind
taking my flashlight out
neon rays of light
I race below deck
in the corners of the gallows

my king is nowhere in sight.
untill. untill.

the end of the story is the best part
well,there really is no specific end
the thing about life is it just keeps goin on'
well..untill you are supposed to die

the king was there all along
he was in the sea
he was in the night
he was on that ship
he was in my tears
and he was by my side.

today I feel alone
today I feel quite week
today my heart is anxious

I remember his love for me

so with a blindfold across my face
I step out masked in childlike faith
and whisper the word


you will step out with me


the storm will still
the waves will bow down