what i have learned from lazy walkers and a compass

about these streets
first of all my heart goes crazy
when men walk slowly
either behind me
or in front of me
apparently the r word happens in daylight
and i love daylight.

my feet have grown smaller
and my toes have grown wiser

I have begun to photograph ships
around mucinburg
which is a surf town near here

they turn out so nicely on one of those throw away cameras
with a green flash.

ships are my favorite thing in the whole world.

this man on that drug that is green and shaped like a star
that one just past vitoria street
selling big ugly tv chairs
"tiry fibe ran"
he kept yelling to me

" you can't give away a treasure you don't have"

i replied to him in the french words that I do not know.

someone gave me
some tennesse whiskey poker chips
which made me homesick
so i drew them in ink.

these were the few taken at moyo: