small thoughts

the phone was ringing
during the moment you have your hands dirty
and its nearly immposible to pick up

i kept yelling

someone answer this:

question mark.

when you remind yourself
that you have jumped ship
and left everyone behind

you start to bleed
and so i wipe the sweat from my face
I ask god why he brought me here
alone in this dark place

i miss the things that made me.


r. holmberg said...

You have no idea how much I am looking forward to seeing you, I get so excited when I think about it, yesssss!

jessie jo said...

that was really good lou.
i seriously miss you a whole lot and think of you often! come home soon.
(ps--the boss is bruce springsteen's nickname)

Lauren said...

i misssss you

william spencer said...

we never saw kite runner, we did see blood and chocolate though. I will post a picture soon, hope s. africa is good! :)