oh oh oh

when sickness comes
and your fan is broken
your head is all up in a cloud of smoke
not induced by drags but by a fire of some sort
coming from temple mount scorn
all you do is wish for the things
you loved so much
like country bars
bearded men
cowboy boots,i left behind
and soy milk. yep. soy milk.

the feeling of :homesick and a real illness are just the same thing you know.
just the same.

ps. africa is beautiful today.


Libby Broocks said...

honky tonk bars and that long road home through the forrest will always be missed.

but really...can you move in with me this summer?

jessie jo said...

i miss you lou!

chainsaw said...

if i could bring u soy milk in africa... i SO would

julia r said...

aw . toddblog.
he's a good friend of mine.