when you went to visit : your tendencies

All thats lost is
mostly lost.

The things people say to make us keep going.

Watching you is like watching the sea in its most venerable state
right after a storm
it knows not of its visitors
all that concerns her is settling

and we settle down
and we are still

until until

someone once said:

Imagine what pain says
I'll keep in touch

I noticed there were five cherries missing from the tree
of accomplishments.

And when I stared into that monsters eyes
I saw a crystallized moon beam!
begging me to look away
so i did.

and we are married to the white fences
we create in our ugly minds
and we burn down all those statues
that look nothing like me

a child never begs for his wound to be mended
what if there is a sting?
a woman never asks for her heart to be lonley
but what if he leaves?

and what about,the anticipation of spring?

Someone once said;
imagine what pain says:
falling racing

Someone once said..

imagine what pain says
I'll keep in touch

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