december means dating

tonight was one of those nights where you wish you were in some asian country rather than your own. mainly because you have this deep desire to purchase a bunch of random trinkets for 2 pesos instead of purchasing a disgusting amount of heels that yes you need . but look.... being a human means wanting,dying for,lusting over the un important things that make you happy and sometimes when we went to little markets in Beijing i would buy these fabulous cocktail rings that were made by little grandmothers that just got a hold of a glue gun and some gems resulting in instant glamour. skip to this afternoon,me and elizabeth found all these really four seasons ago marc jacobs party dresses in shades of mauve and gang green for 95% off they were so ugly but i kept thinking we should get them just because they were 95% off. ...when is anything 95% that is not some sort of easter scam? secret...( I hate easter) but love that he rose again and palm branches. oh tonight my mom and I and eliz saw 'dan in real life' it was so fun because the credits rolled and the screen said 'sondre lerche-as himself' she turned to me and we were both like...what? he wasn't in this movie...then bam there he is singing ...Spoiler the wedding in the end.
I have never liked spoiler alerts..they remind me of all those stupid celeb bashing websites. also I hope everyone comes out to our christmas shows this december..theres 3 of them and we are doing some sweet keith green covers,god rest his and bless his soul. willie is supposed to find me a boyfriend and im supposed to find him a girlfriend. he wants sad.indierock.shy and lazy. I requested football. dark. and fun. any takers?