boy in black,boy with all those seeds.

boy with that blackened blank stare
on the side of the riverbed,with a notebook and a dozen seeds
he keeps them in his pocket,just for planting,just for company.
he was beatin' on an old mans drum,with a youthful profile and
a stubborn disposition. oh your young,yeah your young

boy in black
boy by the sea
boy in the cardigan
and plants and leaves
growing from your ears
stretching out to me
outside my window
miles away
your seeds they touch me
and I could cry and they could sing.

boy in the night
he sits there still
ledge of the tide
asking God questions like
whats up with this war
and newlyweds ripped apart
because james was sent overseas
to fight
for a man with a mic
who's sleeping in satin sheets
and its not a revolution we need
and its not a lecture we could see on TV

askin' God why the sea looks so mean
and if he formed it why do sailors get to own it?

and whatta about that little girl I used to know?
with the powder blue dress whose face was torn off by that dog
on her way home from school. she was so so small.
what about that dog
that never was chained?
because the bitch's owenrs believed all living things should be free
boy in black
spoke up that day
your empty cage is a nice plan
but what about Elanor's face
and the things she coulda been?

I'll ask God to sing her a lullaby.

Boy in black
in love with the sea
I rode my bike passed the bakers shop
once,twice,maybe even three times
not in need of anything.
I kept hoping my eyes would catch you
in one of those moods
when your so low you wanna jump
but then you remember you gotta get home
for the sheppard's pie momma makes
at half passed five.

you never forget that cardigan
its almost like your second skin
balls have formed around the lower part
of the sleeves
and you asked for a new one for your birthday
that's all. that's it.
but war is here and money is just a figment
so momma made you a tiny cake & asked you to share it
with your siblings
to eat it slowly.

boy in black
I keep asking jane where you went
its been 3 years
and you're absent from that ledge
that housed you so many afternoons
and so many mornings
and so many nights,it was always you.

boy in black I hope your okay
i hope the war ends soon
so that your cardigan will be replaced
with a finer wool,in a shade of grey perhaps
more fitted for you.

boy who went away
I hope you don't mind
im sittin' on this ledge
with a glass bottle and a cheap pen
& a message to live in it.
writting to you to please come back
your name is nowhere to be found
not on tree branches
or within the sand
not even in the sky
boy in black I hope you don't mind
this ledge now keeps me occupied
and ill wait here,and ill wait and ill cry.