black on white on black and then blue

maybe its because i've been sick for 7 days
or perhaps it has something to do with
the concept. the reality that
everything else going on in the world is
more significant
even the tragedies
I just can't help but not mourn for myself
or anything else for that matter
because the future dries you up.
and sometimes I ask myself to show a little-

or a hint of
i am self-aware
mostly I just go back to 233 days ago
when I decided
when I opend myself up
to such a safe isolation
i came back to some conclusions:

If you want to suceed- an alarm clock & a notebook will be your best friend.
if you are crying at a party-leave
if you have nothing to wear-don't go
if you are full of self pity-spare others
if you have something to give-by all means..sow!
if you are not happy with your appearnce-run...and don't stop.
and if you are still keane for changing the world
start with your own heart.
I have become quite black and white
but arent those our favorite colors anyways?
and if fashion bleeds over to matters of the heart
then I think these colors fit quite nice.