trees are pleased with their branches...right?

I have
felt pressured

pressure to change
pressure to evolve
half grin,sugar cookie tea
a terrible idea that was
you and me.

And here is what I know...
and here is how I learn.

from this.from that.from you.

It is ok to be happy with who you have become this day.
this hour
this second
why should I let it pass by unappreciated?
without acknowledging the fact that it has taken me
tears and time and sweat and discipline to get here.....
to think these thoughts
to love these friends
to lie in these sheets
to be happy
to love myself.

sometimes we are so busy thinking about
who we "should be" oneday
when we grow up
when we become a star
when we marry

that we forget to be content in who we are NOW
which is probably not as bad as you think ;)

this day is so precious
I will be grateful for it.

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