sex& the refusal to be juxtaposed.

i hid
the notes within my spiral bound
a new last name
inside a heart with
a tacky flame
because I never signed up for no
lovesick class
my teacher of plato
keeps acting like a corpse
sometimes we panic
and sometimes we
turn the other cheek.

I had been
leaving the house
just to step out

your mother was baking
my mother was a cloud

always loved your street
those white fences
and the pretentious
cal-duh sa cks. (x)

walking into that green room
with a russian painting
of your great great somethin' er ather
housed within that
hideous frame.

i was so weighed down;anchor-hearted
your pirate mindset
i had determined my pride
not to speak

to avoid all the pathetic fallacies
when it came to you
and it came to the way
you lie and you are

thes ambiguous houses have no more room
for my heart and your thoughts

boxes,rabbits,spoons all lived on your canvas

i cant stop
i can -an> not
consuming all these words

she gained knowelge
while you gain a chin.

you arrived late
you are the scratch on all my mirrors
and I am i am just too sweet to be fake

he told me not to bare my shoulders
they might look
how loose of you
i might forget

oh...oh? oh

instead i bore my $899.99
and a box of mints.
that were considerabley

i dont really enjoy mints.

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