incarnate deity

we will spend our lives
claiming we are still young.
we will spend the entire night
asking God if his ears are broken
or if hes upset because we lied.
I keep falling in love
with the sound of ancient hymns

"Christ, by highest heav'n adored,
Christ, the everlasting Lord;
Late in time behold Him come,
Offspring of a virgin's womb.
Veiled in flesh the Godhead see,
Hail th'incarnate Deity!..."

I keep longing for the muse
of such beautifully put words

fall back
fall down
fall short

yet something so holy
loved me enough.

i kept lookin in
this girls eyes
her pupils were the color
of hurt
her iris was the shape
of a void

Don't you want a sense of release?

and i kept screaming back
with my own eyes

he loves you
he loves you

he died
he died

freedom is
not a concept that exist to just taunt you.
freedom is
more persistent than those santas during the holidays.