I dared myself
to display
a sense
of abscense from the sitatuion
at hand.

that silent yet agressive situation
you could of handeld
with one hand
and a seeing eye lamb.

its that feeling where you are in the middle of a party
or a club or a concert
and you can't stop thinking of a death,his death,or a birth
or you are overwhelemed by the presence of God.

funny how its always in those times
you remember your birth
the first time you saw your fathers hands
and you heard you mother say your name
so sweetly

did you forget about the thing that made you
so great
so likeable
so easy to hold?

the riverbeds
and the buildings that stand with such confidence
and grace ive
envied years


how did you get this way?

thats what the Lord will NEVER ask the whore
wont he ask why she didnt just change her ways?
thats what the lord didnt ask himself when he went first.

thats what he didnt ask
I guess we are all due for a good change.