this is how I came about
finding myself
sitting in a parking lot in a strange city

that is in a matter of days
already too familiar.

and this is how I came about
finding myself crying in rental cars
this city is strange because : everyone here knows my past
this city is weird because
I can't seem to figure the roads
because in a matter of a glimpse
i've fell in love with a certain type of cloud

because,because,and because.

When its storming outside doesn't it seem impossible to grow old?

because the ship does not ask
'girl,where would you like to float"
we just board hoping it somehow
will act like it should
just like a boat.

someone is making there lover
a beautiful hand crafted postcard

Please,allow me to understand you clearly
this time
although i need something complex and primitive

these words
all these run on sentences
are all in french.

and i felt it today
and then it became something so strange
like a foreigner
in a foreign country
with foreign currency in her pocket
that has a convenient hole in it
so now she has not

now she has not

excuse me you girl
you are better than this

i'm sorry sir
i cant accept it

Remember the fall I stopped breathing
remember all the strange things my hands would paint
remember that fall I had to take a walk to the fairgrounds
or sit on the subway
just to feel anything at all.

I am happier now living in my teacup.


Allie, Dearest said...

here's something interesting from my statcounter...

someone did a google search for:

broocks kearney

and my page showed up. because i use my mat kearney t-shirt as a pajama shirt and you are on my link list.

i'm a top hit for "broocks kearney," which would be a great name for a boy.

Anonymous said...

ahahahah!ahah where did you get this statcounter.i want one!