in loving memory of T.M

"Sometimes at night the darkness and silence weighs upon me. Peace frightens me; perhaps I fear it most of all. I feel it is only a facade hiding the face of hell. I think, 'What is in store for my children tomorrow?' 'The world will be wonderful', they say. But from whose viewpoint? If one phone call could announce the end of everything? We need to live in a state of suspended animation like a work of art, in a state of enchantment. We have to succeed in loving so greatly that we live outside of time, detached....detached"

-la dolce vita

the noises must of been too loud
for his ears to handle
the vibrations
of all that sound

the music is off
the laughter is gone
the audience is quiet
you were waiting

desperatley, to be found.


was just too much

stop screaming

we are!

stop yelling

we can't!

the demons must of hit
with there oversized fists
too hard
and just too quick

for him to dodge the

left and right
in your face
all through the night
left and right.

listen listen
didnt you know
we all feel this way
so sad
and so low

look look
can't you see her tears
before you went
they were already formend
behind her tiny ears

the ocean that carried you
had no memory of your birth
your mothers prayers
and the woman you loved first

the night that you
recived all those hits
was blind to the idea
that it would host the eve
of your farwell speech

and we all cry and we all weep
and we all wonder and we all scream

question marks sent in a box
over night deliverly to God

this was your tunnel of blindess
without any end
it was your
punitive betrayal of truth

this was your end.

oh my god
we keep asking
oh my god

it was too loud
they hit too hard
it was just

too loud.